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4 Ways to Shed the Weight for Good

   **While losing extra weight can be challenging, keeping the weight off can be even more     challenging. Most people who lose weight gain it back, but there are a handful of key strategies research has suggested helps keep the weight off for good.

Step Up!

On the scale, that is. People who maintain their weight loss are were more likely to continue weighing themselves on a scale regularly than people who gain back their weight loss.   So how often should you step on the scale? If you weigh yourself every morning, that can really nip in the bud any weight gain, or start to show you some weight loss. When it comes to checking weight,  timing is everything. Do your weigh-in at the same time each day, preferably first thing in the morning.

Keep It Going

To maintain weight loss, you have to maintain the behaviors that helped you lose the weight in the first place. Weighing yourself regularly is one of those good behaviors; eating breakfast, journaling to keep track of food intake and exercise habits, and practicing portion control as other key actions for success.Practicing portion control is a really big deal. That seems to work better than calorie counting.

Be a Problem Solver

Weight loss maintainers more often used productive problem solving skills. Planning ahead is important, but being able to catch yourself in the moment is important as well. I suggest building exercise into your daily routine. I also urge my patients to think beyond their workout for physical activity, and do things such as park far away from the grocery store and bring your cart back after loading up your car.

Talk to Yourself

Those who maintain weight loss were are more likely to engage in positive self-talk. And that doesn't necessarily mean chatting to the mirror. Journaling can be a form of positive verbal reinforcement. Journal keepers should be honest and consider their journals a judgment-free zone. How to dip below a plateau if you're still trying to lose — or if you do start to regain? Try shaking up your exercise routine rather than slashing calories drastically. Do a different type of activity that your muscles aren't used to doing, and you'll be burning calories again.**



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